The Pajama Game

Set & Lighting Design


While the success of the union is clearly an ultimate good at the moment The Pajama Game was written and first performed in 1954, now, it is difficult to watch this show without the knowledge that this factory will soon move production overseas to a place where imperialism has ensured that desperate workers will make pajamas for almost nothing and organizing is dangerous.  The skeleton of a factory now abandoned by a textile company that has either closed or moved its production overseas exists as a shell that the actors enliven with a musical about its most productive time.  The actors manipulate chairs, tables, and other discarded items they find in the abandoned industrial space to put on The Pajama Game.

Racing with the Clock
A New Blue Town


I’m Not at All in Love


I’ll Never Be Jealous Again
Small Talk


Steam Heat
Early Morning in Sids Office



At the Picnic
The Slow Down



Hernando’s Hideaway



Returning Home from the Picnic
Act 1 Finale


I’ll Never Be Jealous Again

Sid Confronts Hasler as the Workers Strike


The Team


Music & Lyrics – 

Book –

Richard Adler & Jerry Ross

George Abbott & Ricard Bissell 

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