This opera by Berg based on Buchner’s play of the same name asks the question what drives a man to murder.  Neither Buchner nor Berg let either the audience or Wozzeck off easily as many factors coincide in the life of one man.  We chose to move our production into a more modern urban setting, where the closest thing to nature is an unfinished overpass.  Integrated lighted signs within the set itself further disorient Wozzeck and show the many directions in which he finds himself pulled.  The acidic color scheme shows more of the sickness of the world that Wozzeck and Marie cannot escape.

Wozzeck shaves the Captain
Cutting Sticks with Andres


The Doctor’s Office


Marie flirts with the Drum Major
The Drum Major beats Wozzeck in a fight


Wozzeck goes into the water after his knife



The Doctor urges speed, the Captain suggests slowing down


Marie reads her Bible
Wozzeck sees Marie with the Drum Major


Wozzeck prepares to stab Marie


Marie’s child does not go to see his mother’s body


The Team


Composer – 

Director –

Scenic Design – 

Alban Berg

Ray Zilberberg

Brittany Vasta

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