La MaMa Experimental Theatre

The Club


Best Lighting Design, United Solo Festival

An uninhibited, gross, and beautiful new play, Hyena challenges both the character and the audience to share what they are most afraid of and asks how we survive between what society demands of us and who we are and want to be.  Performed first in La Mama’s Club space and then at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and finally at the United Solo Festival, this production must be as inviting, dangerous and nimble as Hy is on stage.

“This beast looks like me. Like the person you think you know.”
“I’ll devour you.”
“See, I catch myself on things and plummet to the ground.”
“The girl, having no cause for fear, at her leisure destroyed the whole flock.”


“I’ll peel back my scales, cook myself over hot coals, let you tear at my meat…”

The Team

Photography by Joey Mendoza or Theo Cote

Playwright – 

Director –

Scenic Designer –

Costume Designer –

Sound Design by – 

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