In the Blood

Theatre Horizon

Barrymore Award for Outstanding Lighting Design Nomination

Theatre Horizon’s bleak yet riveting production features captivating performances…and [is] backed by a strong design team.             – Jim Rutter

The Philadelphia Inquirer


“Cecilia Durbin’s lighting is key to the mood of Yousefzadeh’s production.”                                                                                  – Neal Zoren, NealsPaper




Suzan-Lori Parks remythologizes The Scarlet Letter, positioning Hester as an African American single mother of five living under a bridge.  The play follows Hester as she tries to provide for her children and herself in a world that fails her again and again.

“The broth is chef Mommie’s worldwide famous ‘whathaveyou’ stock.”
“Y’ll never get nothing from me! Common Slut. Tell on me! Go on!…I’ll crush you underfoot.”
“This child here don’t know his daddy.”
“I fell out the boat.” “You wet the bed.”


“Mother Hubbard sewing by street lamp. Very moving.”

The Team

Photography by Matthew J. Photography

Playwright – 

Director –

Scenic Designer –

Costume Designer –

Sound Designer  –

Suzan-Lori Parks

Pirronne Yousefzadeh

Brian Dudkiewicz

Janus Stefanowicz

Larry Fowler


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