Kid PRince & Pablo

The Kennedy Center

The Family Theatre

This remythologizing of Mark Twain’s The Prince & the Pauper, sets the story in an alternate future where “The Promised,” living inside a walled city, have banned hip hop and oppress the “New Wave,” more recent immigrants.  The story follows Spanish-speaking drummer Pablo as he finds himself assuming the responsibilities of Prince Maximillion (aka Kid Prince), who abandons his protected circumstances to learn about the banned music he loves. This production revels in the block coloring of graphic novels, and delights in music and performative awareness.  


Kid Prince raps to Pablo’s beat
Introducing Francois, a New Wave rapper and rebel
Pablo is awoken by the morning royal singers
Queen Olivia’s funeral


Musical Interlude

The Team

Photography by Yassine El Mansouri

Playwright – 

Composer – 

Director –

Scenic Designer –

Costume Designer –

Sound Designer –

Projection Designer – 

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