Love Alone

Playmakers Repertory Company

The Paul Green Theater

This new play follows the surviving partner, daughter and doctor of a woman who dies unexpectedly during low risk surgery.  As their spaces and times overlap and interweave, they continue on through the complicated experience of living after someone has passed away. 

After the funeral
Clementine’s Rock Concert
Helen alone with Susan’s belongings
Dr. Becca Neal’s Deposition

Becca and J.P. dance as Clementine plays
Opening Susan’s hospital bag

The Team

Photography by Jon Gardiner

Playwright – 

Director –

Scenic Designer –

Costume Designer –

Sound Designer –

Projection Designer – 

Deborah Salem Smith

Vivienne Benesch

Lee Savage

Myrna Colley-Lee

Robert Dagit

Dominic Abbenante

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