Murder Ballad

Detroit Public Theatre

Max M. and Marjorie S. Fisher Music Center

The passionate but volatile relationship of Sara’s youth returns to romance and haunt her just as she finds herself both bored and overwhelmed by the “perfect” life of a husband and daughter.  When her affair spirals out of her control, vengeance is inevitable.  But by whom on who?  This fast-paced musical never stops for breath and neither can the lighting, which follows to the depths of sorrow, the heights of joy, and the rewards and violence of passion.

“They’re living in a french film. The roles are all assigned.”
“We’re Built for Longing”
“Broken Glass; Throats are Slashed; Their Blood Splattered on the Wall”
“You Don’t Know What You Would Do Until Someone Erases You!”


“Unsolved Murder at King’s Club…”

The Team

Photography by Chuk Nowak

Conceived Book & Lyrics – 

Music & Lyrics

Director –

Music Director – 

Choreographer – 

Scenic & Props Designer –

Costume Designer –


 Julia Jordan

Juliana Nash

Courtney Burkett

Jamie Reed

Jill Dion

Monika Essen   

Katherine Nelson

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