Amy Surratt’s First and Last (Show)

La MaMa Experimental Theatre

The Club

Amy Surratt confronts the catch 22 of the imposed narrative and stereotypes of Appalachian poor whites.  The design must welcome the audience onto the back porch, invite them to delight in tight harmony singing and absurdity and then awe them with the poetry and humanity of Amy’s complexity and insight.

The Team

Photography by Gregory Laffey or Theo Cote

Playwright – 

Co-Writer – 

Director –

Scenic Designer –

Costume Designer –

Projection & Media Designer –

Sound Design by – 

Amy R Surratt

Tosha Rachelle Taylor

Kristen Holfeuer

Gregory Laffey

Dusty Lynn Childers (aka Dust Tea Shoulders)

SO O’Brien & Erin Lemkey

Matt Voyno

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