The Little Red Fish

New York City Children’s theatre

Theatre Row – The Lion Theater

Based on Tae-Eun Yoo’s children’s book of the same name, this magical puppet show followed JeJe as he follows his little red fish from his grandfather’s library, into a book and on an adventure.  This whimsical story requires light to take us from the “real world” of the library, under the sea, through the air, and back again.  The light up fish were particularly popular with our young audiences.

Grandpa and the Little Red Fish
Diving into a book as the library falls away
JeJe meets a school of fish

Dancing with Flamingos
Back in the Library

The Team

Photography by Carol Rosegg

Created & Puppetry by – 

Co-Creator & Director –

Co-Creator, Puppet & Set Designer –

Composer –

Sound Designer/Musician –

The Puppet Kitchen

Emily DeCola

Eric Wright

Eric Farber

Eamon Goodman

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